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Disc curler


Flawless curling on round and non-round ends is a prerequisite for flawless seams.

Disc curler for round ends
Stamped ends with an initial curl are processed in a special disc curler for round ends, which features a fixed curling segment and a rotating curling disc. Its large diameter of approx.1085 mm for steel ends (approx. 850 mm for EOE aluminum shells for beverages) provides the curler with a sufficiently long line of contact to allow even ultra-thin end material (DR) to be curled accurately at high speeds of up to 2000 epm. The curler is designed for fast changeover.

Curling press
Non-round ends are process in a full-curling transfer press. Here, the shells are curled around the circumference in – for example – two or three steps by a multi-fold die using a conventional upper drive press. The capacity of such a line depends mainly on the specific transfer-curling die.

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