Canbody Production
Canbody Production

Downgauging for more competitive, eco-friendly production


Raw materials account for two-thirds of can costs, and the most effective way to reduce them is to cut material consumption significantly. The easiest way to do so is to downgauge the tinplate used for ends and decrease the cut edge diameter of ends by using mini-seams for thin, hard materials. At the same time, it is vital to ensure that the necessary can resistance values (buckle resistance, panel distension, pullback vacuum value) are retained.

Employing the right end design (developed by FEA) and processing with a multi-stage or thermo-form tooling system offers several advantages. It keeps the end resistance values constant but reduces material thickness and increases the end resistance values using the same amount of material. It reduces thinning of the material, especially in the countersink radius, and also cuts tin and lacquer damage in countersink and panel beads. Furthermore, it keeps the countersink depth constant even at fluctuating temperatures, a factor that is extremely important for EOE shells. Finally, and thanks to a special Cantec seam, it reduces conversion of the seaming machines for seaming DR material ends to a minimum for canmakers and fillers.

Cantec manufactures systems for the high- and medium-speed production of twist-off* caps and PT-caps with guaranteed quality..

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