Plants & Machinery for Milk Processing Industry
Plants & Machinery for Milk Processing Industry

Extraction and processing lines for vegetable drinks (soy drink, rice drink, almond drink etc.)

Soy drinks production machine and line

Soy drink is a product obtained from soy seeds and water. Because of its high content of proteins, soy drink became very popular in the last years.

It can be processed for production of UHT soy drink yoghurt, ice-cream and dessert.

Similar lines can be used also for the production of rice, oats and almond drinks.

Soy drink production machine and line:

  • Cooking for soy milk (temperature 850- 900 C). This phase of the soy drink production uses soy seed 20% - water 85% - 88%
  • Grinding by pierced disk mill and colloid mill (temperature 850 - 900 C)
  • Decanter and centrifugal separator for soy drink production - Okara
  • Enzimatic deactivation/Deaeration - This phase of soy drink production includes removal of bean taste
  • Cooling and storage (temperature 40 C - pH 6.6 - 6.5) - Soy drink production flavour and ingredient addition phase
  • UHT thermal treatment and homogenization (termal pattern 4- 145 - 40 C)
  • UHT aseptic filling