Plants & Machinery for Milk Processing Industry
Plants & Machinery for Milk Processing Industry

Lines for creamy Tvorog, granular and shaped type

Tvorog is a lightly sour and creamy dairy product, with different fat content values and high moisture, to be used TQ (as it is) or added with flavours or other components.

The Tvorog production process, traditionally long and complex, can now be simplified by modern machinery, processing high quantities of milk, reducing the discharge and drainage times with respect to the latest and most rigorous hygienic and sanitary regulations.

The result is a high quality product, a high reduction of the product losses, a longer shelf-life with respect to the traditional product and a high reduction of manpower.

Sordi designed and realized production lines for creamy Tvorog, with or without grains and for the production of round or other shapes Tvorog.

Lines are cleaned under CIP.