Water Treatment Solutions
Water Treatment Solutions

Ozonation Systems


Ozonation Systems are used for water disinfection

Ozone is a colour free gas with intense odour and extreme strong oxidation capability. Ozone, being an unstable gas, is very difficult to store and transportation, thus ozone must be produced & dosed at-side.


  • Ozone Generator
  • Compressor & Dryer
  • 316 Stainless Steel Contact Tank and Circulation Pump
  • Residual Ozone Analyser and Sensor
  • Dew Point Analyser
  • Stainless Steel PLC Control & Operator Panel


  • Post disinfection of bottling water
  • Disinfection of bottle rinsing water
  • Disinfection of CIP lines
  • Disinfection in domestic potable water treatment plants
  • Organic matter removal

Ozonation System Technical Features