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Printing & Coding Solutions

Palette Labelling Systems

Our pallet labellers are tried and tested sturdy, modular units designed for continuous operation. They cater for labels up to size DIN A4 that are attached to one, two or three sides of the pallet, depending on the model and configuration. The labels are produced by means of thermal direct or transfer printing.

Our labelling systems come with standard stroke lengths of up to 800 mm for smooth production runs with products of variable size and are extremely reliable. Where labels need to be attached to uneven surfaces, our machines can be equipped with an optional vacuum plate including a flexo pad or 4 small auxiliary application cylinders.

In addition, our systems can be upgraded at any stage for RFID application.

Safety Straps

This labelling method, which is designed for integration into the pallet packing unit, is a highly effective alternative to conventional pallet labelling systems. A special applicator applies the label onto the pallet safety strap. This is done on one, two, or three sides of the pallet. The label can subsequently be easily removed from the pallet together with the safety strap.

Banderole Labelling

Foil banderoles allow you to apply the pallet labels in a fully automated step during the banderoling process. Alternatively, the labels can be applied with a standard automatic pallet labelling machine after the banderole foil has been put in place.