Plants & Machinery for Milk Processing Industry
Plants & Machinery for Milk Processing Industry

Preparation and processing lines for creams, puddings, ice-cream mixes

These are products made of a mix of water and powder components, such as powder milk, cocoa, sugar, fat, etc.

  • The most famous puddings are with chocolate, vanilla or other flavours, with different consistence and solids content. Puddings are mixes normally filled at cold at approximately 25-400 C.
  • The dessert gels are products as jellies, "panna cotta", crème caramel, etc. Gels are normally hot filled at approximately 50-600 C, maintaining their whole structure, while the final cooling is made in cups.
  • The mousse desserts have an outlet temperature of approximately 80 C and they are fed by aeration system in order to reach approximately 80% of overrun through air addition.


  • Magnetic and/or massic flowmeters for liquid products
  • Load cells for solid ingredients

This automatic solution proposed and developped by Sordi mainly aims to reduce the blending preparation times (solution with in-line blending) and safety/precision of recipes preparation.

Thermal treatment

After blending and filtration the product is sent to the pasteurization or sterilisation thermal treatment. Plants shall be equipped with CIP cleaning systems for the chemical cleaning and sanitization of the lines.