Labelling Systems
Labelling Systems

Software Solutions

As a turn-key solution provider, we operate our own development department for hardware and software. Apart from programming our machines and developing our firmware, our IT specialists are constantly creating new applications. We can therefore offer you a range of software packages for label design, database integration and emulations for Zebra protocols.


  • Serial labelling
  • Labelling of parcels for posting, even at high throughput rates
  • Automatic back up of your production data
  • Synchronisation of your product or order details
  • Real-time identification of your products with changing print datas

All these programmes can of course be adapted and extended according to your requirements. Just give us a call: contact

Label Design with Leap Express

With Leap Express, you can design your own labels at the PC. This versatile program is compatible with almost all our systems.

Your Advantages:

  • Serial labelling
  • In-house design of your labels
  • Incorporation of existing logos and graphics
  • Saving various layouts and formats
  • Data linking
  • Print preview
  • Incorporation of ready-made layout elements by means of wizard


Our LogoRemote makes your work easier as it allows you to monitor your labelling system from wherever you are. Data updates and backups can be made from a single PC to several individual plants. You can thus be rest assured that no data is lost, enhancing your production safety.

Simply do it from your desk:

  • Record individual images or video sequences and send them together with the diagnostic messages to the Logopak service centre
  • Perform parallel backups and updates for multiple labellers

Zebra Emulations

The Logopak emulations offer companies that have been using Zebra desktop printers the option to continue using the Zebra protocol within their IT infrastructure when they upgrade to a different system. Logopak offers an optional emulation that cover its entire product range.

Many clients have found the emulation a quick and perfect tool for use in their product environment. In certain cases, the emulation was used for the introduction of a fully automated labelling system in the production line and the smooth migration to the Logopak standard protocol, including extensions.