Plants & Machinery for Milk Processing Industry
Plants & Machinery for Milk Processing Industry

Engineering and manufacturing of process lines


Sordi was founded in 1881 by Melchiorre Sordi and its activity was developed in the chemical field, mainly applied to the realization of products for dairies. This is the field where the company results to be actually innovating as, the first in Italy, it defines and sets the technology for the production of liquid rennet up. From the very beginning, the liquid rennet produced by Sordi was welcomed not only in northern Italy, but also in Germany and Holland.

In 1901 Sordi attends the local exhibition in Lodi as vanguard manufacturer and, besides introducing its own rennet, it starts manufacturing the first machines and plants for the milk processing industry: skimming machines (manual and motor-driven), ice making machines, machines for processing of milk and rennet as well as a lot of chemicals to be used in the relevant production processes.

From this moment, Sordi is in the core of the Italian milk or dairy industry both, for the production/supply of rennet and as manufacturer of dairy machines (milk processing units, refrigerating machines, milk to casein processing equipment, bottles cleaning, bottles closures equipment) and of big production plants for the milk and dairy industries. Due to this important innovating activity in 1919 the company’s owner is entitled of the honours of Chevalier of Industry.