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Sabatier designs and manufactures custom-made machines for special needs and unique requirements.

The list of special machines and tools developed by Sabatier for individual customer needs is almost endless. It includes automatic dispenser units, tactile marking units and atmospheric closing machines designed for the final closing of rectangular cans for fish, meat and processed food. Our engineers and packaging specialists have unmatched expertise in developing sound solutions for new metal packaging challenges.

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Automatic dispenser insertion


Sabatier offers the new automatic dispenser insertion module for the Bodypack range of machines. Insertion of metal or plastic dispenser.

The operation is performed in three steps:

  Embossing and piercing of the hole

  Bodyweld seam orientation

  Feeding and insertion of the dispenser

Product information, videos, pictures and brochures

Tactile marking for dangerous products


Sabatier designs and manufactuers custom-made machines to place tactile markings on dangerous products.

The European standard requires that all packagings containing hazardous materials bear tactile markings. These allow blind people to identify dangerous or non-edible products.

The tactile marking symbol is a triangle with three 18-mm sides, which is always placed on the lower part of the packaging. Sabatier S.A.S. offers its tactile marking machine which can be easily integrated on existing lines.

Product information, videos, pictures and brochures