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When it comes to quality assurance, the standalone TEST-O-MAT pressure decay leakage tester for three-piece cans with double-seamed bottoms leaves nothing to chance.

The in-line can leakage tester is perfect for all common can sizes (diameters 52–153 mm, heights 35–180 mm) and production speeds up to 1200 cpm. It is extremely sensitive because the can volume is reduced during testing by individual filler pieces and metering of the filling pressure guarantees constant testing pressure. Results are reproducible and testing is reliable even if the machine comes to a sudden halt. All testing programs for different can sizes and line speeds are permanently stored. The system features several self-diagnosis features to guarantee correct testing and is designed for short changeover times.

The use of compressed air as a testing medium ensures that every part of the can, including the double seam, is tested.

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