Inspection Equipment
Inspection Equipment

Twin Proximity Sensor

Proximity Technology has been used for decades to detect low vacuum in food cans. However, recent widespread use of bi-metal Easy Open (EZO) ends (steel ends with aluminum pull-tab) has presented a challenge for the traditional technology. The TapTone Twin Proximity Sensor is designed to detect and reject low vacuum and no vacuum steel cans with EZ-Open can ends (pull-tabs) at production speeds up to 525 feet per minute.

The new twin proximity sensor combines the inspections of Proximity-1 and Proximity-2 with an enhanced algorithm offering improved resolution across the lid profile. TapTone offers the twin proximity sensor on both the PRO Series and T550 Systems. (Not supported on HMI)


  • Line speeds up to 2,000 cpm, detection accuracy to 0.005 in (0.127mm)
  • Adjustable Signal profile capture window for improved signal processing
  • Four algorithms to calculate Profile, Height, Cocked and Contour
  • Programmable gain and offset parameters for improved inspection range
  • Auto-tracking reject limits within the controller accommodate temperature and pressure fluctuations during production