Water Treatment Solutions
Water Treatment Solutions

Ultraviolet Systems


Ultraviolet Systems (UV) are used for disinfection. Ultraviolet disinfection method is a quick and effective method to kill the microorganisms without using heat or any chemicals. UV lamps produce certain wavelength rays in order to distruct the DNA of bacteria, virus, fungus, mold spores and other microorganisms.

Water which will be disinfected via UV light, must be filtered, purified from hardness and heavy metals such as iron and manganese.

Ultraviolet lamps needs to be replaced after approximiate 9000 hour usage.


For Special Process Series UV Systems;

  • 316 Stainless Steel Body
  • UV Monitor and Sensor
  • Low Pressure, Medium Pressure Lamps
  • Hygienic Standarts
  • Production Capacity up to 1025 m3/h


  • Filler lines
  • CIP lines
  • Ozone Removal
  • Sugar syrup and air disinfectio

Aqua Series Ultraviolet System Technical Features