Plants & Machinery for Milk Processing Industry
Plants & Machinery for Milk Processing Industry

Vegetable cream processing lines

The whip cream base is the new multipurpose cream, suitable for all the common pastry and cooking applications. A base to use as ingredient for whipping, topping, filling and decorating. The whip cream base has a delicate and milky taste, very good mouthfeel, a good overrun (yield) and workability.

Ingredients average composition:

  • 50-55% of water
  • 20-33% of vegetable fats/li>
  • 7% of solids (different powders such as stabilizers, emulsifiers, caseinates)/li>
  • 10% of sugar (it can also be produced without sugar)
  • The most important phase of blending is stirring, which must break and emulsify the fat matter. Product is then sterilized at 140°C (UHT) and sent to aseptic filling machine. Alternatively this product can be pasteurized and frozen.