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Peco InspX is a leading provider of inspection systems for the food, beverage, and life science industries.

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, California, we combine cutting edge technology with rugged construction to produce high performance, reliable inspection equipment.

From X-ray inspection to fill level detection, Peco InspX equipment addresses a broad range of inspection applications.

X-RAY Systems

Technically superior product manufacturing requires precise solution engineering and sophisticated controls.

Fill Level Monitors

The FillTrac Fill Level Inspection System integrates Peco’s 40 year experience in fill level inspection with the latest in technology to provide the best inspection available in a compact, easy to use, and environmentally sound, design.

Dud Detectors

The VacTrac III provides a robust and cost effective way to confirm a minimum standard of vacuum or pressure on a metal closure.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Ensuring the integrity and completeness of life sciences and pharmaceutical products across multiple packages, formats and sizes - vials, bottles, kits, blister packs, IV bags and more. Life sciences and pharmaceutical packagers rely on ScanTrac X-ray Inspection Systems to verify container .

Food Industry

Whether your protein inspection focuses on bulk or packaged product, Peco InspX delivers unparalleled detection performance with minimal waste due to false rejects.Peco InspX offers solutions for the full supply chain of protein manufacturing. Upstream inspection of pipeline and belt conveyed product can detect foreign material in layers of ground meat, chicken pieces, and bacon slices, among many other applications..

Beverage Industry

In the Beverage industry, where hygiene and safety are critical, Peco InspX machines contribute to the overall quality assurance process . Improve detection in metal containers with Peco InspX' X-ray inspection - find metal, stone, glass, bone and high density plastics. Confirm contents, detect dents and package abnormalities.

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