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Buying a packaging machine is probably the most expensive yet highly lucrative investment that you can make for your operation. These machines boost the efficiency of your packaging process, ensure accurate packaging, and save so much of your time and resources in the long run.

Packaging machines can no doubt make your operation smoother, however, finding the right machine is much easier said than done. There are so many factors to consider when purchasing such an expensive item for your business that sometimes you forget to keep all of these in mind.

In this article, we are going to highlight some of the main things that you need to consider when buying a packaging machine for your particular business. Read this information till the end to have a better grasp on how to buy a quality packaging machine.

Here is what you need to consider when looking for a packaging machine

  • 1. Your Packaging Needs and Goals

Before you go ahead and buy a packaging machine, it is important to consider what you will be packaging. You also need to determine the size of the packaging, speed, and packaging types that the machine can do.

This can help you narrow down your options and save a bunch of your time. You also need to be clear about how much you are going to produce on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. If you know your packaging goals and needs, you can communicate better with the seller and find what you need in very little time.      

  • 2. Speed and Efficiency

The speed and packaging efficiency of the machine is what determine how effective it will be for your operation. If you have to deliver large orders in a very short amount of time, then you will need a machine that is able to handle high loads for a long time.

Some machines come with ratings given in bpm or bags per minute. You can choose a machine that gives more bpm as it will help you meet your targeted number of bags in a week, day, or hour.       

  • 3. Available Space

You need to carefully calculate the available space for the machine before buying it. Consider things like employee movement, room for maintenance work, and safety issues before ordering the equipment.

A machine that is too large for your space will not be able to give the best performance. So, always make sure to check the space availability before making your choice.     

  • 4. Safety Considerations

The safety of your employees should be your top priority whenever you decide to buy some new equipment for your operation. Make sure the machine you choose is equipped with foolproof safety measures. Pay attention to the construction of safety zones so that your employees don’t run any injury risks.

Buy a machine that has safety features like sensors that can detect human presence near risky zones and a single-button emergency power shut-down option. Machines that are safe to use and pose no threats to the humans nearby should be on the top of your list for a smooth packaging operation.           

  • 5. Packaging Features

You need to determine the exact features of the package that your machine will handle. If you have to package flat or footed bags, you need to know the width, length, and depth of your package.

You also need to consider the weight and volume of the stuff that you will be packing with your machine. Most packaging machines have parameters in metric units like ml, or mm and some use imperial units like inches, ounces, pounds, etc., to mention their packaging capacity.    

  • 6. Additional Assembly Requirements

Ask the seller if you will need to install any additional assembly in your new packaging line for the machine to work or not. Some machines require you to integrate additional tools to finish the packaging and that process can take time.

So, if you are thinking of installing a new packaging machine, then knowing additional assembly and installation requirements can help you speed up the process.     

  • 7. Quality Service and Support

Make sure the packaging machine you choose comes with quality service and customer support that helps you in the proper use and maintenance of the equipment.

Every professional packaging machine supplier will have an office in your local area where you can contact and get help in the maintenance and proper operation of the machine.

If the customer service is responsive and friendly, it can help reduce downtime of your packaging machine in case it stops working. These people can help you figure out and remove these issues very quickly and that is why you need to consider the quality of service and support that they provide.           

  • 8. Overhead and Operating Costs

Whenever you buy some heavy packaging machine you will have to consider a lot more than its initial buying cost. Different packaging machines have different operation and maintenance costs and that is why it is an important factor to be considered.

Usually, machines that have a bigger initial price tend to work smoother and provide much higher efficiencies. On the other hand, cheaper machines tend to affect your profitability negatively which is not sustainable.

You need to consider the cost of packaging materials like roll stock film and premade pouches, labor needed to operate the line, and other related overhead expenses before buying such a machine.             

Final Thoughts

Finding the best packing machine for your operation is quite intimidating especially when you are doing it for the first time. With this information, we hope you are able to find the right packaging equipment without wasting a lot of your time and energy.

By considering all these factors before buying, you can make sure the machine you choose has all the features you need and is able to fulfill your packaging requirements without having to install additional tools.

So, if it is your first time buying such a machine, try this approach to minimize the risks and get a very high ROI.

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