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The history of Techno Middle East starts with our founder Mr. Ibrahim Salem, who founded TME in Beirut in 1963. As war broke out in Lebanon, our company moved to Tehran in 1975 and finally to Sharjah UAE, its current headquarters, in 1979. Our current CEO and president, Mr. Ibrahim Mahfoud, joined the company as a service and sales engineer, working his way to the top ranks as he helped expand the business to Saudi Arabia and Iraq.

Mr. Salem passed away in 2012, one year after selling his shares at the company to his trusted partner and TME’s current owner and CEO, Mr. Mahfoud. In the time since, TME has opened new offices in several Middle Eastern countries in a concerted effort towards offering our customers the best services at locations closest to their operations.

Techno Middle East’s top management is formed by Mr Ibrahim Mahfoud as President, Mr Milad Mahfoud as Chief Operating Officer, and Mr Fadi Sawaya as Executive Vice President. Techno Middle East is now vastly expanded in the Middle East and Gulf area with offices in almost all of the countries that form this territory.

In addition to our main headquarters and logistics center in Sharjah, UAE, TME has also fully functional, staffed and equipped offices in: Beirut, Lebanon – Amman, Jordan – Baghdad, Iraq – Erbil, Iraq – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Jeddah, Saudi Arabia – Dammam, Saudi Arabia – Cairo, Egypt – Doha, Qatar – Karachi, Pakistan – Islamabad, Pakistan – Lahore, Pakistan – Muscat, Oman – Kuwait City, Kuwait and Sanaa, Yemen.
In order to answer all customers’ needs in the industry, Techno Middle East has partnered with world leading companies from the United States and Europe. Our pursuit of excellence and service has kept up with the growth in our business, and our attitude has always been unpretentious, reasonable, open and honest.


Techno Middle East´s mission is to help businesses find effective solutions for food and beverage production by offering processing, filling, and packaging products from the world´s leading companies. Our aim is to lead in the industry with a higher bar for technology, quality, and customer service. To every single one of our customers, we pledge fast and efficient service, constant follow-up and support that is above and beyond our industry´s standards.

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59 year experience

With over 59 years of experience in the field of industrial manufacturing, we guarantee the best quality and products.

professional team

With a professional team of steelers, we are all experienced and highly skilled in manufacturing.

Sales Dedication

We Believe that every sale is a partnership, and we are committed to delivering value and results that go beyond the transaction.

Customer Relation

We at TME always close to understand the customer expectation and try to bridge the relation between the supplier and the customer.

President – Mr. Ibrahim Mahfoud

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Techno Middle East. I hope our portal creates an opportunity for our visitors around the world to learn more about our mission, operations, strategies, and values.

Techno Middle East was founded to bring high quality food and beverage filling and packaging solutions at a time when the industry was still in its infancy. Bringing cutting edge innovation from the world´s leading companies to our beloved region has thus been the hallmark of our business, through which we have had great impact on the lives of our many employees, many more customers, and the millions of consumers of our customers´ products.

Our industry remains a dynamic hotbed of innovation, and we see it as our job to always bring home all the latest developments in technology and products of the market leaders, surpassing our customers’ expectations by providing them the best out there even before they ask for it.

Our dedication towards our employees is not one bit less. From healthy and friendly workplace environment in our offices, to fun and rich seasonal gatherings, the Techno Middle East family flourishes with the close ties created among the team members.

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