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Eaton is a power management company with 2014 sales of $22.6 billion. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 102,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries.

Because of the pivotal role we play, Eaton is committed to creating and maintaining powerful customer relationships built on a foundation of excellence. From the products we manufacture to our dedicated customer service and support, we know what’s important to you.

Eaton combines worldwide engineering, manufacturing, technical sales support, and customer service into one focused business objective: Provide our customers with the optimum manufacturing of industrial filtration solutions.

Automatic Self Cleaning

Eaton’s Automatic Self Cleaning Filters and Industrial Strainers assure continuous flow, simplified maintenance and worry-free operation.

Bag Filtration

Bag filters tend to have the lowest equipment investment costs, and are generally tolerant of a wide range of process conditions, making them a good choice for a wide range of applications.

Beverage Treatment Products

The beverage treatment process requires products for steps such as juice/mash extraction, clarification, fermentation, fining and stabilization.

Cartridge Filtration

Cartridge filters can be the logical choice for a wide variety of applications with varied flow rates that require sub-micron retention rating, including food and beverage, chemicals, paint and the filtration of acids and bases.

Depth Filtration

Eaton‘s depth filter sheets, capsules, cartridges and filtration systems are made from top-quality depth filter media for a wide range of applications in food and beverage industries, chemical, fine and specialty chemical, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in biotechnology.

Filter Aids

Precoat filtration is a type of mechanical filtration that can be used to clarify liquids. Filter aids such as diatomaceous earth, perlite and cellulose enables a liquid to pass through while retaining the haze-causing particles.

Gas Liquid Separation

Eaton Gas Liquid Separators remove up to 99% of all damage causing moisture and solid particles larger than 10 microns.

Hydraulic and Lubrication Oil Filters

Eaton offers a selection of 4000 different filter elements and housings to meet your needs. Fluid power is a reliable and repeatable form of power and motion control.

Manual Pipeline Strainers

Eaton’s Manual Strainers are used by industrial and commercial customers to protect their process piping equipment by removing debris from the liquid that flows through pipelines.

Portable Filtration

Eaton’s FloWash™ portable filters are compact, self-contained, and easy to operate. They provide versatile, reliable filtration for a wide range of industrial applications.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Ensuring that products have clear and accurate expiration dates is crucial for patient safety. Coding machines are used to print these dates on packaging materials, such as blister packs, bottles, and cartons.

Automotive Industry

High-speed coding machines can mark components quickly and accurately, minimizing production bottlenecks and ensuring efficient manufacturing processes . Coding machines are essential for marking individual automotive components, parts, and assemblies with unique identifiers, such as serial numbers, batch numbers, and barcodes.

Food & Beverage Industry

Packaging machines automate the process of filling, sealing, capping, and labelling food and beverage products, significantly improving packaging efficiency. These machines handle a wide range of packaging materials, including bottles, cans, pouches, and cartons, making them versatile for various F&B products.

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