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Labelling Systems

Since the establishment of Logopak in 1978, this company has become a well-known manufacturer of top-quality and sturdy labeling machines. Today, we are a leading supplier of fully integrated labeling systems, providing companies with a highly efficient and reliable interface between production and logistics.

Whatever we do, we always start by evaluating the needs of our customers. This enables us to offer you custom-engineered solutions that meet your requirements and expectations. Our experience from successful projects in various industries and our high quality standards guarantee excellent solutions for any type of application.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Logopak labelling systems are perfectly tailored to meet the high demands of the pharma industry in terms of quality and safety by providing maximum reliability and integrated high-end quality control. Logopak machines are designed for high-speed labeling, ensuring that products move through the production line quickly and efficiently.

Automotive Industry

Logopak‘s comprehensive expertise in the automotive sector enables us to offer perfectly adapted labelling solutions that provide safe and reliable labelling in highly automated, continuous operation. Our innovative Logopak systems guarantee high availability and complete traceability of all parts to ensure “just-in-sequence” delivery and reliable shipment of spare parts with KLT containers.

Food & Beverage Industry

Logopak develops 100-%-safe labelling solutions that comply with the strict requirements of EU Directive No. 178/2002 (Food Safety Act). Our systems guarantee complete tracing & tracking and the highest quality standards through integrated quality control, also in extreme production environments. Logopak specialises in the fast, high-precision labelling of bottles, tins, packs, trays, casks, kegs and pallets

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