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As an international manufacturer of filling and packaging equipment for the beverage, food, and non-food sectors KHS GmbH holds a leading position within the industry. At five plants within Germany KHS develops and manufactures the full range of filling and packaging machines. High-performance systems and equipment for lower capacities are included in its portfolio.

KHS GmbH is valued as a market leader and supplier of innovative, reliable, and highly efficient products and services, such as turnkey lines, single machines, and conversions – and is also greatly appreciated for its on-site service available worldwide 24/7. Modern concepts consistently developed and manufactured according to customer expectations underline the KHS vision of being first choice in technology and service. The most recent new developments include the modular KHS Innoket Neo labeling machine, the FullyEnclosed FilmPack shrink packaging unit, a high-performance palletizing center for 200,000 cph canning lines, the extremely low-consumption beer stabilization system KHS Innopro ECOSTAB C, the KHS Innofill Glass platform for up to 75,000 bottles per hour, the KHS InnoPET BloFill stretch blow molder/filler monoblock for a maximum 81,000 PET bottles per hour, and KHS Innokeg plant technology that can rack up to 2,000 kegs per hour.

Food Industry

KHS filling machines are designed to provide efficiency, accuracy, and hygiene in the filling process. KHS filling machines are designed to seamlessly integrate with other packaging machinery, such as labeling, capping, and packaging equipment. This ensures a smooth and efficient production line

Beverage Industry

KHS filling machines are designed to operate at high speeds, making them suitable for the fast-paced production demands of the beverage industry. This is particularly important for carbonated drinks and other popular beverages. Precision is crucial in the beverage industry to maintain product consistency and meet quality standards.

Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, KHS machines might be employed for filling containers with various liquid chemical products, including industrial chemicals and solvents.. KHS filling machines could be adapted for filling containers with liquid chemicals, such as industrial chemicals, cleaning agents, and specialty chemicals.

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