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For more than 90 years, Ferrum has been active worldwide in the production of can seamers for the beverage, food and can making industries. Ferrum specializes in seaming cans of all types. This experience shows in every can seamer, every new innovation, and every consultation meeting with a customer and in every seamed can. With a capacity ranging from 40 to 2,500 seamed cans per minute, Ferrum can seamers can be used for a variety of applications. Whether for canning food, canning beverages or manufacturing cans – Ferrum has the ideal can seamer for your application. The wide range of features also makes it possible to develop customized solutions. Our machines seam beverage cans at all speeds: low speed, medium speed, and high speed. This means that we are able to cover the needs of the entire beverage industry, with our seamers being able to work with steel, aluminum, and plastic.
Can seamers for the beverage industry
The requirements of the beverage industry are growing ever higher. Ferrum has responded by offering a wide assortment of can seamers in the low, medium, and high speed ranges in order to meet these demands. All Ferrum can seamers are suitable for seaming aluminium beverage cans as well as steel and plastic applications.
Beer can seaming
Seam your beer cans while maintaining the quality and taste of your beer and minimizing residual oxygen. Our longtime experience with high-throughput lines has enabled us to build unrivaled process know-how that is continuously integrated into our seamer development activities. The result for our customers? Maximum machine efficiency, quality, and reliability. Find the can seamer that is right for your needs together with optional hygiene packages for beer cans.
Craft Beer can seamers
Keep your beer’s character intact even after seaming. Our ferruCompact line makes it possible to use high-hygiene Ferrum technology in a small space. This means that both filler and seamer can be set up on a single platform, reducing both costs and the time on-site installation takes. Find the can seamer that is right for your needs together with optional hygiene packages for craft beer.
Can seamers for soft drinks
Standard seaming or seaming while hot? Our seamer solutions are designed to make your production operations sustainable and efficient. Find the can seamer that is right for your needs together with optional hygiene packages for soft drinks.
Can seamers for juices & iced tea
Seamed while hot or cold? Seamed still or carbonated? Thanks to our adherence to the strictest hygiene standards, you can rest assured knowing that all the requirements for even the most sensitive beverages will be met. Find the can seamer that is right for your needs together with optional hygiene packages for juices and iced tea.
Can seamers for the food industry and can making
Across the full range of products, from soups to pineapple to chilli – Ferrum can seamers are up to the task of meeting the special requirements of the food industry. The high, medium, and slow speed machines not only seam aluminium food cans as well as steel, plastic, and composite applications at speeds of up to 1200 cans per minute, but they are also equally well-suited for manufacturing cans.
Can seamers for pet food
Cat food, dog food, or food for other pets? Our seamers can take care of cans with a variety of heights and sizes, and innovative technology ensures that you will be able to switch production from one format to another quickly and easily. Our focus is on the productivity of your lines. Find the pet food can seamer that is right for your needs.
Can seamer for fruits and vegetables
From sweet pineapple to acidic chili – Ferrum seamers offer the right options for every single application in order to ensure efficient, sustainable, high-quality production operations. Quick tool changeover capabilities reduce format change times tremendously, directly improving line productivity. Find the vegetable and fruit can seamer that is right for your needs.
Can seamers for milk powder
Packing baby food requires adherence to the strictest hygiene standards out there. The premium seam quality and reliability of our high-performance seamers, combined with innovative features such as easy and fast tool changes, ensure that your can line will benefit from greater efficiency and versatility. Find the powdered milk can seamer that is right for your needs.
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Food can seaming and can making

Both can making and can seaming are highly specialized processes that require precision engineering to ensure the integrity and safety of the final product. These processes play a significant role in the food and beverage industry, allowing for the efficient and reliable packaging of a wide range of products.

Food Industry

In can making, Ferrum provides machinery for the manufacturing of cans themselves. This involves processes like cutting, shaping, and forming sheets of metal into can bodies. These machines need to be precise to ensure uniformity and quality in the final product. This is crucial for preserving the freshness and integrity of the food or beverage inside. plastic applications at speeds of up to 1200 cans per minute .

Beverage Industry

Ferrum can seamers are known for their precision and efficiency. They can handle various can sizes and materials, making them versatile for different beverage packaging needs. Whether it's carbonated drinks, juices, or even some alcoholic beverages, Ferrum machines play a role in getting those drinks ready for the market. These machines are crucial for sealing cans tightly to ensure the quality and safety of the beverages inside.

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