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Soudronic and Sustainability

For some years now Soudronic has championed the claim of steel tinplate to be one of the most economical, environment-friendly and sustainable forms of packaging available to manufacturers today. And there is no shortage of reasons. First and foremost is the fact that metal cans today require far less raw material than in the past. Soudronic leads the way in the development of the advanced can making machines needed to work with downgauged tinplate,i.e. sheet metal stock of as little as 0.1 mm in thickness. Lighter cans mean more containers per ton of tinplate, savings on natural resources and, overall, a significant reduction in the world’s carbon emissions footprint.

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Soudronic machines contribute to the production of metal cans that are used for packaging medications, such as tablets, capsules, or powdered drugs. The airtight and secure nature of these cans helps preserve the integrity and potency of the pharmaceutical products

Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, Soudronic machines are often used for the production of metal containers and packaging solutions. These containers are crucial for storing and transporting various chemical products . These containers need to be durable, leak-proof, and resistant to the specific properties of the chemicals they hold.

Food & Beverage Industry

Soudronic machines are extensively used in the food industry for can making and welding processes. They contribute to the production of metal cans used for packaging a wide range of food products. They play a important role in the production of metal cans for various beverages such as soft drinks, beer, and other canned drinks.

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