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Inspection equipment for the food and beverage industry

Since 1962, Teledyne Taptone has thrived to bring to its partners around the world the best technology in pressure leak and vacuum detection in plastic, glass, aluminum, and steel containers at production line speeds up to 2,000 containers per minute Since then, Teledyne TapTone has developed and patented a range of inspection equipment for the food, beverage, dairy, chemical, health and beauty, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical markets.

TapTone’s original acoustic sensor has become the gold standard in inspection and its line of compression, proximity and force systems are used world-wide for leak inspection on flexible plastic containers and pressurized metal and plastic containers

Proximity Technology

Proximity technology measures pressure or vacuum in containers with metal closures by measuring the lid deflection.

Twin Proximity Sensor

Proximity Technology has been used for decades to detect low vacuum in food cans. However, recent widespread use of bi-metal Easy Open (EZO) ends (steel ends with aluminum pull-tab) has presented a challenge for the traditional technology.

Acoustic Technology

Acoustic technology measures pressure or vacuum in containers with metal closures that do not have a measurable lid deflection.

Force Sensor

Force technology detects leaks and low pressure in LN2 dosed containers, carbonated beverage containers and aerosol containers.

Compression Sensor

Compress technology detects leaks in plastic containers. As a container passes through the system, dual parallel belts apply force to the sidewalls of the container.

Dual Compression Sensor

Dual Sensor Compression Technology detects and rejects leaking and damaged flexible containers at production line speeds up to 1.52 m/sec (300 ft/min).

Pharmaceutical Industry

Taptone machines are versatile and can be adjusted to inspect different types of containers, including bottles, vials, and blister packs. It can be customized to meet the specific needs of pharmaceutical manufacturers, accommodating a variety of package sizes and materials.

Chemical Industry

In the chemical manufacturing process, the presence of foreign particles or contaminants can compromise the quality and safety of the final product. Inspection machines equipped with advanced vision systems can identify and reject products with foreign particles.

Food & Beverage Industry

Taptone inspection machines use advanced vision systems and sensors to detect foreign objects in packaged food and beverage products. This includes identifying contaminants such as glass, metal, plastic, or other undesirable materials.

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